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Handball News: Verena Flöck – Julia Mauler

Women´s Junior World Handball Championship 2012

6.Game AUT – CON  36 : 15 in Bvejrostova / Czech Republik


More infos: http://www.wchjunior2012.cz/en/index.aspx


Kongo lost to Austria for more than twenty goals


10.7.2012 | bvejrostova


The amount of injuries emptied the team bench of Congo and the weakened team so in vain resisted to strong Austria.


9th – 16th place: Austria – Congo 36:15 (21:4)


Weakened team of Congo could not resist to Austria from opening minutes of the match. Scores for most playing time grew only on the side of Austria. Congo players could not rotate, so they inevitably showed early fatigue. In the first half has african players prevailed only four times, while the austrians scored seventeen times more. And yet a number of shots saved by goalie Mouangomo. Austria coach had to rest his best players, even so Austria was ahead in the 38th minute by twenty goals. Congo players has fiercely resisted but the match rather carried in the training pace and ended by the defeat of african team of more than 20 goals.


Congo coach Pahapa Jean Patrice: In this game we were much weakened, we have a lot of injured players, mainly from the defense, so we played poorly against high players. Our goal was especially to finish the second half and we have. We are the only african team that advanced in the competition so far and we are proud of it.


The best player of the match – Austria: Mauler Julia