IPSM Management



IPSM stands for what clients expect from a professional management company.

A global network and a professional understanding guarantees a powerful performance for the athletes and our business partners.
Our ambition is to build up successful and viable relationships worldwide between our athletes and partners.

Be part of the game. Be unique.

Start now.


IPSM Management focuses on servicing and marketing of professional athletes, primarily in the fields of golf. IPSM Management operates internationally.
IPSM is your competent partner in professional sports management and marketing.
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Our clients can rely on us to give them individual and personal care. This will create the basis that our athletes can fully focus on their athletic development and enable a successful career.
We enjoy what we┬┤re doing and this is what our customers and clients appriciate.


  • Golf-News: Toni Ferrer

    Toni Ferrer will take part on the PGA European Challenge Tour at the Bridgestone Challenge 2016

  • Golf-News: Laurids Lohr

    Laurids Lohr will take part on the Pro Golf Tour at the Preis des Hardenberg GolfResort 2016.